Triathlon Coaching Jacksonville

Endurance Coaching

For multi-sport (triathlon) or single sport athletes

It does not matter if you run only one mile per day, or you run ten miles per day, at a six minute mile pace, you are a runner; however, you are not only a runner, you are an endurance athlete. The question is not what kind of endurance athlete are you, but what kind of endurance athlete you will become? If you are a new endurance athlete, maybe you would like to work towards increasing your distance, speed, and focus on finishing your first 5K. If you are a seasoned endurance athlete, already completing 5k and 10k events, maybe you’re ready to step up to a marathon or a triathlon. Or if, like me, you are a veteran of the endurance athlete arena and have already ran multiple marathons, and triathlons, but you are still looking for your next P.R. No matter what type of endurance athlete you currently are, EnJoy Fitness can help make you a better one!

At EnJoy Fitness, we will design a customized training program for you. This program will take you step by step through each phase of training, culminating in you experiencing your very best race day performance. Utilizing our experience and leveraging the power and scientific innovation found in Training Peaks (the premier endurance training and analytics software & mobile app), we provide you with weekly training schedules, help manage your nutrition, and provide you with progress reports based on data from Training Peaks (Heart Rate, Power Data, Training Stress Score, Intensity Factor). We also provide regular communication via email, text, phone, and of course, in person. After race day, we will then help you fully recover, so that you can continue to build towards your next event.

What you’ll get with us as your endurance coach

  • Access to Training Peaks the premier endurance training and analytics software & mobile application. This is included with all monthly coaching packages
  • In depth exercise analysis
    • Video – YOU GET TO KEEP THESE – so you know where you have improved
      • Swim analysis
      • Gait analysis
      • Strength analysis
  • Communication with your coach
    • Unlike most coaches, we are available for you when you need us, at no extra charge
  • We send you monthly progress reports
  • We can track your progress wherever you are
  • We customize your workouts depending on your progress
  • Free access to our fitness boot camp classes

We base our training programs on the five basic phases of endurance fitness, and place nutrition at its core:

  • Phase 1: Base – This phase focuses on developing your aerobic conditioning and improving cardio and muscular endurance. This phase may last 4 weeks to 6 months depending on your current level of fitness.
  • Phase 2: Build – The build phase typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks (depending upon fitness level and race distance) and introduces faster-paced training that focuses on increasing your performance by developing your cardiovascular and muscle systems’ ability to withstand a higher level of exertion.
  • Phase 3: Peak – The peak phase takes place over a relatively short period of time, typically 2 to 3 weeks. Cycling volume and intensity increases. Performance training happens at the highest intensity level, with workouts that require the athlete’s maximum oxygen volume (VO2 max).
  • Phase 4: Taper – The taper is the training phase where volume in miles is greatly reduced in order to prepare the athlete’s legs and body to be recovered by race day. This phase requires a fine line of maintaining conditioning, while ensuring recovery.
  • Phase 5: Recovery – This training phase is extremely important and is critical to allow the athlete’s body to fully recover after the season’s primary goal race is completed. This period typically lasts between 2 to 5 weeks. Low intensity activities will be managed during this phase, until full recovery is accomplished.