Jodi’s Success Story

When I decided to begin my journey towards becoming an Ironman, I knew I needed a coach. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I needed as an athlete and did research to find the coach that I believed would be my best fit.
I was lucky enough to meet Joy and EnJoy Fitness and I can, without question say, never once did I doubt my decision. Joy was the combination I needed: highly educated, knowledgeable, challenging, and yet, had the personal touch where she consistently proved to me that she cared for me, not only as her athlete, but as a whole person. Joy and EnJoy Fitness provided me with the tools to physically succeed, the support to enjoy the training regimen, and the confidence to know I was going to finish!
I became an Ironman! and after crossing the finish line, one of the first things I said was, “I need to call Joy!” She had become part of my family!
Thank you, Joy and EnJoy Fitness! Words can not describe my gratitude. I look forward to conquering more dreams together!