Leanna’s Success Story

Lost 107 Lbs., 19% Body Fat 15% BMI, Total 18 inches in waist line

After reaching my heaviest in May 2010, I needed to lose weight because I was quickly heading towards a life of diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems associated with obesity. Moreover, I couldn’t possibly teach my daughter healthy living if I wasn’t healthy myself. So, with the overwhelming support of my husband and family, I joined Lifestyle Family Fitness and hired Joy as a trainer and made a commitment to change our lifestyle.

Joy is a phenomenal personal trainer and without her knowledge and guidance, my goals would have been extremely difficult to achieve. In our training sessions, she continues to push me past what I’m comfortable with to what I’m capable of and she helps plan my workouts which usually consist of 5 days of cardio with 3 days of strength training. Additionally, I enjoy participating in the group fitness classes LesMills RPM, Yoga and LesMills BodyFlow a few times per week. Joy has also been a tremendous help by reviewing my food journal and offering healthier options and tips for maintaining a well balanced diet.

In October 2010, I ran my 1st 5K race with a time of 37:04 and two months later, I cut my time by almost 8 minutes finishing in 29:09! At this time last year, I would have been out of breath thinking about a 5K and now, I am looking forward to running with my husband in our first 15K, the Gate River Run. Between proper nutrition, daily exercise, and following the invaluable advice of my personal trainer, I have been able to lose over 100 pounds and make simple changes for a healthier lifestyle.