Marcie’s Success Story

Lost 40 Lbs., 9% Body Fat 7% BMI, Total 10 inches in waist line

In 2010 I decided that I had to make some changes to better my life. Number one on my list was getting stronger and more “fit” by heading to the gym. I made a commitment and hired Joy in January 2011. I then purchased a three-ring binder and labeled it “2011 – A Year of Change for ME”, which is always a good start. I stress the “ME”because I had tried many times to do this for other people and for other reasons, but I can testify beyond a shadow of a doubt, that doesn’t work. I then put my workouts on my schedule and have not wavered to the point where my friends and family know when I’m at the gym without even asking. There was another key item that I knew my success depended on…I had to learn to say “NO”. I said

“NO” to organizing events, hosting parties, helping people move, babysitting, waxing my car, desserts and almost all cheese (which is a miracle). I did this so I’d have time to exercise and prepare healthy meals. Along with this I also said “NO” to feeling guilty about saying “NO” and doing this only for ME. From that point on I have said “YES”to my trainer, yard work and hiking and do you know I found out that I like working out and I like feeling good. It really isn’t rocket science. When you get fit, you feel better and your life can be full of so much more!

I thank the Lord for giving me the courage and strength to change ME. Also, a most heartfelt thank you to my trainer, Joy.

You have the gift to make people able to reach their goals and you have been relentless and generous in your calling. You are wonderful and you’re going to be a wonderful Mom. So, speaking of Mom’ Mom, Penny, who enjoys the Silver Sneakers Programs here at Lifestyles, has always been my #1 cheerleader. Mom, you know I hope I grow up to be just like you.