Melissa’s Success Story

ax Bank Marathon Boston Qualifier & Personal Best 3:41:32

I ran my first marathon in January 2011, with a time of 4:00:04. I felt like it was a pretty decent time, and was happy, just to have run 26.2 miles. I soon learned, that at my age, I could qualify for Boston, with a time of 3:40:00. Hey, that seemed attainable. So I set out, on my own, to try to reach this goal. I ran 3 more marathons, and fell short, with each one. I felt like I had worked hard, and pushed myself, but I just didn’t have much direction, as to the workouts I should do, and at what paces I should do them. Then came the terrorist attack at Boston Marathon 2013! Now I was MAD, and more determined than ever, to reach my goal. This year, I aged up. Now I would qualify for Boston, with a time of 3:45:00. I did, however want to meet my original goal of 3:40:00.

Joy’s training kept me right on track! I felt stronger and faster, with each track workout and each tempo run. She often ran my long runs with me, ensuring that I stayed on pace for those as well. When race day came, I knew I was ready! But, the weather had different ideas! Joy paced me through 26.2 miles of 98% humidity and torrential downpours to an awesome 3:41:32 finish.

Although, I had not reached my goal of 3:40:00, I was beyond elated. Not only did I have a new marathon PR, and a Boston Qualifying time, but also, an age group award. I also know that, had the conditions allowed for it, I would have reached that 3:40:00 goal with extra minutes to spare! My training had been perfect!

There were times when Joy asked me to do speeds or workouts that I had never done in training, and, although I secretly questioned (maybe sometimes not so secretly-haha) her methods, I just trusted her expertise, and it paid off! After all, isn’t the definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results”.

Though she pushed me hard, Joy also made me listen to my body, and helped me change or alter workouts, based on how I was feeling. She truly cares about her clients, and loves helping them to reach their individual goals. It’s an amazing thing to work with someone who loves what they do, and truly cares about you!