Sara’s Success Story

1st in Age Group, 7th Female Overall

I have always been into health and fitness but found myself overworked and lacking motivation when I started with Joy as my personal trainer in 2011. She quickly got me back on track and a couple years later, I decided to get back into triathlons – something I had not done since college. I tried my own training for the first race, thinking since I had done this before it would be no problem. However, I found organizing my workouts frustrating and time consuming. I performed decent, but thought I could do better. I asked Joy to start training me for triathlon as well and it has been very rewarding.

Not only does she create personalized workouts that take into account my crazy work hours and injury prone self, she constantly checks to make sure that I am well balanced with rest and nutrition as well. Joy provides guidance and encouragement that keep me focused on every workout and consistently pushes me to perform in ways that I didn’t know I could. I am proud to say that with her training, support and knowledge, I placed 1st in my age group and 7th female overall in a recent sprint triathlon – something that I never achieved in college!

Joy is truly invested in the success of her clients to become healthier and reach our goals. What other trainer does races just to help motivate her client, or calls them at 5 a.m. repeatedly the morning of their race if she can’t be there in person?!?