Teri’s Success Story

Teri Thrower completed Ironman Florida in 13:33

My name is Teri and I completed the 2012 Florida Ironman in November. When I first signed up for this adventure, I had no idea on how to train properly for this event. I looked online for training schedules, but came up short. Joy is a friend of mine so I decided to ask her for help.

She was eager to share her knowledge with me and help me achieve my goal. The training plan was tough, but easily doable. There were times that we had to change some of the workouts, but Joy was flexible. She was there to answer all my questions and even gave me some encouragement when I felt like I couldn’t continue.

The week of the race, I felt pretty calm. I knew in my heart that I did everything I could to be ready for this event. Race morning, as I was being body marked, is when the nerves set in, but once I hit the water, they seemed to melt away. During the entire race, I felt really good. I didn’t have any issues in the water, bike or the run. It honestly felt like another training ride on the bike, and I already did 115 miles in my training, so 112 wasn’t a big deal. During the run I took my time, and did the pace I did during my training. Crossing that finish line I felt strong, and overwhelmed by the accomplishment that I just put my mind and body through.

I don’t think I could have achieved this huge accomplishment without the knowledge and support from Joy.