Wendy’s Success Story

Lost 20 lbs, 4 inches in waist, 4.5% body fat

At first I was an obese couch-potato. Then I became a slightly-overweight runner. Later I ran my first half-marathon. After that race, I floundered. The best decision I ever made was to engage Joy as my personal strength coach. As a two-time Ironman athlete and an experienced trainer, Joy was a wealth of knowledge for me. While she kicked my butt in the gym, she answered all my many questions.

With her encouragement and oversight, I dropped from 135 to 115 pounds and saw toned muscles appear under my melting flab. She knew that I wanted to become a triathlete and that I was terrified in how to proceed. She was tireless in helping me find the perfect swim coach (I could barely swim one lap) and also helped me get my first road bike (I had never learned to ride a bike before).

She improved my running form. Most importantly, she helped me reach my lifetime goal of running a marathon. I had to make some financial cutbacks (including turning off cable tv!) to hire Joy as my trainer but I can honestly say that Joy was worth every penny.