I have eaten the same breakfast almost every day for the past 7 years and I love it! I am definitely a person who thrives on routine and I have found that being consistent helps me live a healthier life. It takes the guess work out of eating and exercising; then you just repeat the same healthy habits each day.cottage cheese pancakes

For my breakfast, I eat cottage cheese/oatmeal pancakes just about every single day (You can find the recipe on my Facebook page as well as my Pinterest breakfast board). Experts say, as long as you are getting a variety of nutrients throughout the day, eating the same thing can be very beneficial.

The main benefit to having a consistent eating plan is at 5:00pm I do not have to worry about what I am having for dinner tonight. I see many people fail because they do not have a plan. When dinner time roles around and you are starving, chances are more likely that you get fast food or something unhealthy because you are famished. Most people tend to make poor choices when they are hungry. This can also happen with breakfast, lunch and snacks as well. People are busy, whether it’s getting kids ready in the morning or just getting to work on time, people are not planning any meals or snacks and then just figuring it out as they go.

Even if you do not eat the same things, it is a good idea to at least know a full day or two ahead what you are eating for the entire day. Create a menu at the beginning of the week and shop for everything you need so you are prepared. You can also cook several days’ food in advance so you do not even need to cook on busier days. Using a slow cooker/crock pot is a great way to cook a healthy meal that will last for 2-3 days. I make 6 salads each week and put them in Tupperware so it is ready to go for lunch and I add dressing (I have found 6 days is as long as they will last, not 7).

Meals do not have to be complicated to be good; there are so many easy, healthy options that you can fix without prep time. As a working mother, I do not have time to prepare extravagant meals, however, healthy food is a priority so I will take time to grocery shop each week and have what I need to throw together a healthy meal. Going grocery shopping is also easier because I just get the same items each time. Another tip is to always keep a snack on you or at work just in case you get hungry; almonds and seeds are a good idea and they are easy to keep in your car or desk at work.

Consistency with exercising is the same thing. Once you figure out what time of day and what type of exercise works best for you, make it a habit. Your body will appreciate knowing each day that it will get some sort of exercise and some sort of healthy meal. For people whose schedules are just crazy, find one healthy habit each day, no matter what else is going on in your life and make it your routine. Having a healthy body will make it worth it!

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