Leap of Faith

Sometimes it takes being pushed off the cliff to make the hard, and sometimes scariest,  decisions. I had never considered starting my own business and didn’t think I had the entrepreneurial skills to be successful. However, three years ago,  the company I worked for, Lifestyle Family Fitness, was bought out by L.A. Fitness. We were reassured nothing about our job would change, yet when I came to work on the day of the transition, I was told we could no longer use the child care services previously provided. That, combined with many other changes, prompted me to make a snap decision to go out on my own, and start EnJoy Fitness.

It was perhaps one of the biggest decisions I had ever made, but was really the only option I had; five-month old son in tow. So, I had no choice but to make it work. In the fitness business, there are always ups and downs with trying to keep people motivated day in and day out. However, I love what I do and always felt I had a knack for motivating people. I knew my passion would drive me to do what it would take to make EnJoy Fitness a reality and a success for the long term.

Three years later, as I look back at pictures and see where I’ve come from and the relationships built, it makes me smile to know I made the best decision of my life. To see what EnJoy Fitness is today and what it holds for the future is very exciting and we are thankful to be a part of the Jacksonville fitness community. It is extremely rewarding to help people make the hard decisions in their lives and to see the results they can achieve.  Being part of an organization that brings people together in such an amazing way is a lot of fun.

Sometimes those leaps of faith will change more than your own life; they can help others leave their comfort zone and do something they never thought they could. That’s what we strive to do at EnJoy Fitness and we hope we can keep doing it, because we truly love it.

2 thoughts on “Leap of Faith”

  1. Joy, you definitely have a gift for inspiring and motivating hesitant athletes. You push us beyond our imaginations to an endorphin-rich feeling of accomplishment. Thanks for being brave enough to go for it!

  2. Joy, it’s true, you rock when it comes to never giving up on people and helping them to reach their fitness goals. I can totally envision a string of fitness centers with the Enjoy Fitness logo above the door!


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