Eat to Train NOT Train to Eat

Let me start by stating I am NOT a registered dietician; however, I have studied nutrition for many years, including courses taken at University of North Florida. One of the things I have learned is people should eat to train and not train to eat.  For endurance athletes, this can be a difficult concept to … Read more

Mornings or Evenings?

Chances are you are either a morning person or you hate morning people. Well maybe not hate…but you are slightly annoyed by them.  Does it matter whether you work out in the morning or evening? Is one better or worse? That is the question I often get asked so I thought I would address it. … Read more

No Quick Fix

Fitness Bootcamps Jacksonville

It is January, the time for resolutions and getting fit…Again! Right now everyone is on the bandwagon to eat healthy and do whatever it takes, at least for a while. I love the focus and determination everyone has in January; however, I wish it lasted throughout the year. I understand that motivation is a tough … Read more


I talk a lot about balancing life and endurance training all the time with our athletes. It is by far one of the most difficult challenges I see people struggle with on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I juggle things pretty well, but when a tragedy occurs, you rethink everything. Last week, my … Read more

Meal Prep

Eating is something we all have to do every single day. Eating serves the purpose of providing nutrients to our body. However, many of us tend to eat as a relief for an emotional issue. We eat when we are happy, we eat when we are sad, and we eat when we are stressed. Basically, … Read more

The Athlete In All Of Us

Over the past 11 years I have coached and worked with all different levels of athletes; from beginners to advanced, and everyone in between. The one thing they have in common is they are all athletes. Some of them say to me that they are not an athlete, but that is where I disagree. Everyone … Read more


Alcohol, it’s the favorite drink of many. Try convincing one of its many fans that it’s the wrong choice and you’ll find just how touchy of a subject it is. People love their alcohol! So, I am not here to tell you to stop drinking. Really, I’m not. However, there are a few basic facts … Read more


While running down Monument Road this morning, I decided to take a short cut through a neighborhood where I had lived after high school. I started thinking of all the areas of Jacksonville I knew so well from the 40 years of living here, and really began to appreciate this city more than ever.  As … Read more

Triathlon – It Is No Joke!

Sometimes even the best athletes get a little complacent. When your day in and day out routine consists of swimming, biking and running, you can become overconfident and even forget your short term goals. This seems more prevalent when training for a longer distance triathlon. When you have a shorter distance or a “B” race, … Read more

Leap of Faith

Sometimes it takes being pushed off the cliff to make the hard, and sometimes scariest,  decisions. I had never considered starting my own business and didn’t think I had the entrepreneurial skills to be successful. However, three years ago,  the company I worked for, Lifestyle Family Fitness, was bought out by L.A. Fitness. We were … Read more


Denial is a crazy thing in life and can be quite powerful. In all my years in the fitness business, I have seen many people in denial and only the lucky few break free and gain the benefit of learning so much about themselves in the process. To have success and live denial free, you … Read more

Do It For Yourself

1/1/2015 For years I have had the debate with many people about when is it rude to not eat what is being served at a guest’s house.  Do you eat whatever is being served in fear of being rude? Or do you pass politely because what you put in your body is more important to … Read more

Reaching For The Future While Remembering The Past

12/3/2014 Another year complete. I love birthdays as a time to celebrate accomplishments and set new goals. It is the one day a year that is all about you and that should be embraced. This particular birthday is somewhat special because I am starting the last year of my 30’s. As I am always a … Read more


11/1/2014 I just do not have time to work out. That is the top excuse I hear from people. This frustrates me because I feel so many people have their priorities out of order. Over the years, I have heard many, many reasons to not work out including I am too overweight, I can’t afford … Read more


1/1/2014 The New Year is upon us and if you are like most people you are in the process of making resolutions about things that you are going to change in the New Year. The problem with resolutions is not when we make them, it’s do we keep them. In the December and January months … Read more