Denial is a crazy thing in life and can be quite powerful. In all my years in the fitness business, I have seen many people in denial and only the lucky few break free and gain the benefit of learning so much about themselves in the process. To have success and live denial free, you must first know and be your real, true self. You can never let anyone or anything take that away from you. So the question is, are you in denial when it comes to your own health and fitness?

When I first sit down and talk with a new client or athlete, I ask a series of questions to find out what their fitness level is, what their motivation is, and what their goals are. Based upon the answers they give, I can usually tell if someone has truly had an “ah-ha” moment or if they are still living a lie. Some people, through a period of introspection, finally see a realistic picture of themselves, or perhaps their children, a friend, or other loved one says something to them that wakes them up to change their lives. Others become aware of their current health and fitness limitations because they suddenly realize they are not able to play with their kids, or have had a doctor tell them they must change their behavior because their health is in serious jeopardy. Whatever it takes for you to wake up and take action to improve your own life, embrace that moment and own it.

The problem with living in denial is being able to recognize that you are living in denial. That’s the “catch 22”. It is so complex and makes its way into your life over such a long and slow process, that acknowledging it for most people is difficult at best, which is why everyone should take time daily to be introspective about their lives. The next step is climbing out from underneath the heavy blanket of denial and is an entirely different battle that is very challenging. I find that it usually takes someone else to help you and guide you onto the right path. That is who I strive to be as a trainer and coach to all of my clients; a helper and a guide in order to move people beyond denial to their real self and true potential when it comes to their personal fitness. The thing I love most about my job is the success stories that people share after coming off a long and hard journey of fighting their way through a major challenge. Everyone has their own unique story that has put them into denial and that later becomes their primary motivation to break free. Whether it be dealing with a death in the family, juggling kids, managing a full time job, or going through any number of life’s challenges, everyone can find themselves in denial and unfortunately, no one is exempt. Anyone that knows me, knows I battled crazy sugar addictions for years until I had my “ah-ha” moment. I was definitely in denial. Thankfully, through much introspection and help, I found my way free.

My final thought and hope for you is that no matter what state you’re in, if you find that you are in denial about your health and fitness (or anything else in your life), that you will reach out to someone you trust to help you start a new journey that will move you towards a path that can be positively life changing. Being healthy and happy for yourself and those who love you is the end goal, and all your efforts to get there will be well worth it.

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