Do It For Yourself


For years I have had the debate with many people about when is it rude to not eat what is being served at a guest’s house.  Do you eat whatever is being served in fear of being rude? Or do you pass politely because what you put in your body is more important to you. When is it willpower and when is it rude? I do not have an answer for that; however, I do have some thoughts on doing things for yourself and long term success.

One thing I always look for when working with someone is WHY they want to reach the goals they have. I want to know if they are doing it for themselves or for someone else.  In many cases, people decide they want to do something because a spouse encourages them or someone said something to influence them, but they may not be fully committed.  Regardless of what your goal may be, you have to make the decision to reach that goal, no matter what obstacles you may face along the way. Because there will always be obstacles in life, and making your ambitions a priority is will help make you successful.  It cannot be what someone else wants for you and you cannot let people influence you if it is something you want to achieve.  This is a decision you make for yourself, not for anyone else and remembering that is your willpower.

I wanted to get a head start on the New Year and asked a few of my athletes to make a commitment to giving up sweets, alcohol, beef and pork during the most difficult time of year. They accepted this challenge hoping to see results and make a change in their life. I am so proud of their success in not only sticking to it and overcoming the pressures of holiday influence, but of the way they took control of their own bodies. They did this for themselves and no one else which is what will make them successful long term.

Now that January is here and it is the time of year to make resolutions and set new goals, just think about why you are setting them and who you are setting them for.  Make that promise to yourself and stick with it, through thick and thin and keep focused. Determination and doing it for you is what will get you to your goals and you will continue to achieve your aspirations long after.

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