The Ruthless Scale

The ruthless scale! Is it our friend or enemy? I suppose it depends on the day you are using it and what you did the night before. There is plenty of debate on whether you should weigh every day, once per week or not at all. Some say weighing every day is bad because your weight will fluctuate due to water, sodium and other factors. Others say you should not go by weight but instead by how you feel; healthy and energetic or slow and sluggish. Or you could just determine your health by the way your clothes fit. The scale is one of the many challenges people face while they work on their fitness. These are my thoughts on the subject.
I personally weigh myself almost every day, however, I recommend others weigh themselves once per week. I think weighing yourself is good, but it is only one piece of the fitness puzzle. Not weighing yourself or not knowing your weight does not change what your weight is. I feel that you empower yourself with knowledge, and that includes knowing your weight. A more important piece of knowledge is realizing that your weight does not define you, it is NOT who you are!
The purpose of weighing yourself is to take control of your weight. Many people do not want to know what their weight is because of denial. Feeling good about yourself and your clothes fitting well may be as important as the number on the scale; however, if you feel sluggish and out of shape, the scale may tell you why. Most people avoid the scale because they are afraid of it, but knowing your weight is the easy part, doing something about your health and fitness may be the hard part.
Maintaining my weight, where I want it, is a challenge. I work-out almost every day, but I love a good pizza and a cold beer, and I know that I have gained 10-12 pounds by ignoring the scale. So, I think of my scale like an honest friend. It holds me accountable to my goals. The numbers, like a good friend, never lie.

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