A year ago I was riding my bike on the trainer and watching Phil Keoghan’s documentary, “The Ride”, where he biked across the country on his 40th birthday. I knew then, just turning 39, that I wanted to do something really big for my 40th birthday. It is still a little hard to believe that I have followed through with that idea and now we are planning EnJoy Fitness’ first annual #RaceForPresents.

It is weird that people make life changing decisions because of milestone birthdays. I am not sure what it is about the turn of a new decade of life that makes us so nostalgic. I do know that 10 years ago on my 29th birthday I decided I wanted to do a triathlon before I turned 30, and look how that has turned out. I think it is great to reflect when birthdays roll around and to set big goals. But I do not believe you need to wait until a “milestone” birthday to do something crazy or improve your life.  Any Thursday is a great day to make a change or plan something really special or even have a party. I definitely do not want to take away from a 40th birthday; they should really top them all. But there is no reason your 36th birthday can’t be just as memorable. Regardless of what year you are celebrating, make it special. It is the one day for just you. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to celebrate birthdays for an entire week (I may also decorate houses, cars and offices when you’re not looking). So be proud of your age and tell everyone you know it is your birthday. It only happens once a year, so live it up! Just don’t eat too much cake.

I really am thankful to have a wonderful company with EnJoy Fitness and an amazing business partner to help make it grow and see #RaceForPresents happen. What a great year it has been and I look forward to capping it off with a birthday race party to remember. There is nothing better than seeing people set and reach goals by participating in a really great sport. I wouldn’t want to celebrate any other way. So come celebrate with us by running, walking or crawling. Here’s to another fun filled and exciting 40 years! Thank you for always supporting me and EnJoy Fitness.

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