I just do not have time to work out. That is the top excuse I hear from people. This frustrates me because I feel so many people have their priorities out of order. Over the years, I have heard many, many reasons to not work out including I am too overweight, I can’t afford to, I am too tired and more; all of these come down to, what is your priority?

I can see both sides of the argument in that people are very busy with work, kids, school and life in general; however, some of these people wake up early, squeeze in a work out at lunch or get it in at the end of the night. The question I have is, what are you doing with your time? How much time are you on the computer or watching TV? It does not take much time to get in some sort of exercise, 20 minutes a day can begin a great change. You can do some basic body weight exercises WHILE watching TV. It also does not have to cost much. Just a decent pair of shoes and you can step out your front door for a run. How much do you spend going out to eat or going to Starbucks?

So the question is, what is the real reason for not exercising? For that answer, you have to dig deep and really look at what is stopping you. Usually people have deep, emotional reasons holding them back. This is where you need to get your priorities in order and ask yourself; what do you REALLY want? Get out a pen and paper and set some goals, short term and long term. Create a schedule so you can see how much time you have in black and white. Create a board (real or digitally with Pinterest). I like a real life motivational board with pictures, a schedule and goals that you can see every day.

The thing about exercise and eating right is that you have to stick with it day in and day out. You do live in your body all day every day, so you have to take care of it every day! The bigger the goal, the harder it is and the longer it may take. As we get closer to a new year, think about realistic goals and start now. Do not wait until January to get healthy. Everyone has it in them, it just takes focus and consistency. There is no easy route but the success of being healthy is well worth it.

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