TRX Suspension Training


One of my favorite workouts is a full-bodied TRX workout. TRX is a brand/type of suspension training. It has become more popular in the last year because of its diversity.TRX allows you to work ouDSCN1090t every major muscle group in your body with just one piece of equipment. TRX can be hung around a tree, or a pole, you could even use a door or wall mount.

Here is a little history about how TRX was started. In 2002 a Navy seal created a prototype suspension device to work out anywhere. The need for a suspension workout device came from being deployed into areas with no workout equipment. He sent his prototype to a fellow Navy seal to try out at home and he loved it. The rest, as they say, is history.

The TRX has two handles and allows you to do upper body or lower body exercises. As I will show you in a moment, TRX allows you to work all major muscle groups with simple, low impact exercises.

You can position your body and make the exercises easier or harder. You can also shorten or lengthen the strap depending on height. Any level from beginner to advanced can use suspension training. If you are new to the system though, you should receive guidance from a trainer to make sure you use the correct form to maximize your workout. Poor form can also cause injury and lower back pain.

My favorite thing about suspension training is how you engage your core muscles for all the exercises no matter how easy or difficult they are. I like to do circuit training using TRX as well as other equipment to give my clients variety as well. The TRX is great for functional strength which will help you get stronger no matter what type of sport you are training for, even if your goal is to just be stronger in everyday life.

With the growing popularity of suspension training it is easy to find a class or trainer that offer some sort of workout with a TRX system just try it and see if it is the right exercise system for you. I am including a breakdown of a few of the more basic exercises to give you an idea of what you can do with a suspension workout.

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