Mornings or Evenings?

Chances are you are either a morning person or you hate morning people. Well maybe not hate…but you are slightly annoyed by them.  Does it matter whether you work out in the morning or evening? Is one better or worse? That is the question I often get asked so I thought I would address it.

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No Quick Fix

It is January, the time for resolutions and getting fit…Again! Right now everyone is on the bandwagon to eat healthy and do whatever it takes, at least for a while. I love the focus and determination everyone has in January; however, I wish it lasted throughout the year. I understand that motivation is a tough

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It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

“It’s not personal, it’s business.” That is the line Tom Hanks said to Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail”. Yea, it is a chick-flick and you may not have seen it, but that scene has always resonated with me. Sometimes, for me, it is difficult to separate the two. Over the past four years that

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I talk a lot about balancing life and endurance training all the time with our athletes. It is by far one of the most difficult challenges I see people struggle with on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I juggle things pretty well, but when a tragedy occurs, you rethink everything. Last week, my

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The Ruthless Scale

The ruthless scale! Is it our friend or enemy? I suppose it depends on the day you are using it and what you did the night before. There is plenty of debate on whether you should weigh every day, once per week or not at all. Some say weighing every day is bad because your

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Meal Prep

Eating is something we all have to do every single day. Eating serves the purpose of providing nutrients to our body. However, many of us tend to eat as a relief for an emotional issue. We eat when we are happy, we eat when we are sad, and we eat when we are stressed. Basically,

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