Success Stories

At EnJoy Fitness, our success is defined by each and every one of the individuals we train. There is nothing that makes us happier than to see the development and growth of our clients as they reach the true potential of their minds and bodies. Joy Murphy, Founder of EnJoy Fitness, has stated many times over the years, “The best part of my job is found in the sharing of all my clients’ amazing journeys; watching them reach for, and then surpass their goals.” That’s a telling statement and something with which we can each identify. When we witness the happiness and excitement in each of these wonderful people through developing healthier lifestyles, we know why we come to work. We hope their stories inspire you to start something new today.

Robert Dowling ’s Success Story

I got with Joy to lose a few pounds to get faster on by bike. She helped me reach my goal weight and she also taught me how easy it is to eat healthy! My weight is down and I feel great! Plus as a bonus my cholesterol is finally where it belongs also! Thank … Read more

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Mary’s Success Story

The only thing worse for me than being overweight and out of shape was not having the energy or ability to keep up with my 4 grandkids the way I wanted. I started thinking that 158 lb was my new baseline due to menopause and a slow thyroid so I stopped trying to lose the … Read more

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Kathryn’s Success Story

I started with EnJoyFitness in 2016 to improve my running and overall fitness by participating in weekly boot camps and track workouts. Within a few months I decided to utilize Joy’s coaching to train for an upcoming half marathon. The coaching includes individualized structured training plans that could be adjusted when ‘life happens’. Within a … Read more

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Leanna’s Success Story

Lost 107 Lbs., 19% Body Fat 15% BMI, Total 18 inches in waist line

After reaching my heaviest in May 2010, I needed to lose weight because I was quickly heading towards a life of diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems associated with obesity. Moreover, I couldn’t possibly teach my daughter healthy living if I wasn’t healthy myself.

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Marcie’s Success Story

Lost 40 Lbs., 9% Body Fat 7% BMI, Total 10 inches in waist line

In 2010 I decided that I had to make some changes to better my life. Number one on my list was getting stronger and more “fit” by heading to the gym. I made a commitment and hired Joy in January 2011.

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Wendy’s Success Story

Lost 20 lbs, 4 inches in waist, 4.5% body fat

At first I was an obese couch-potato. Then I became a slightly-overweight runner. Later I ran my first half-marathon. After that race, I floundered. The best decision I ever made was to engage Joy as my personal strength coach.

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Teri’s Success Story

Teri Thrower completed Ironman Florida in 13:33

My name is Teri and I completed the 2012 Florida Ironman in November. When I first signed up for this adventure, I had no idea on how to train properly for this event. I looked online for training schedules, but came up short. Joy is a friend of mine so I decided to ask her for help.

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Stacy’s Success Story

Lost 45 Lbs., 9% Body Fat 12% BMI, Total 11 inches in waist line

My journey toward becoming healthy began about 2 ½ years ago. It started with a decision to join a gym and begin to put me and my health first. This was by no means an easy decision as I work full time, am a wife as well as a mother of two young children.

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Skye’s Success Story

A journey to Ironman

A long overdue thank you for the guidance you have given me in the past few years. I have never known a coach that genuinely cares about my workouts and improvements like you do.

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Melodie’s Success Story

Melodie was signed up and in Dallas ready to race the Dallas Half Marathon when it was cancelled due to ice. She raised $825 for World Vision and wanted to complete the race she trained so hard for, so she did it on a hotel treadmill.

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Melissa’s Success Story

ax Bank Marathon Boston Qualifier & Personal Best 3:41:32

I ran my first marathon in January 2011, with a time of 4:00:04. I felt like it was a pretty decent time, and was happy, just to have run 26.2 miles. I soon learned, that at my age, I could qualify for Boston, with a time of 3:40:00. Hey, that seemed attainable.

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Melinda’s Success Story

First Triathlon: 1st in Age Group, 5th Female Overall

Joy has helped me with several goals. I was repeatedly getting injured prior to working with her. She taught me the importance of foam rolling and running form to prevent injuries.

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Sara’s Success Story

1st in Age Group, 7th Female Overall

I have always been into health and fitness but found myself overworked and lacking motivation when I started with Joy as my personal trainer in 2011. She quickly got me back on track and a couple years later, I decided to get back into triathlons – something I had not done since college.

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Duane’s Success Story

30 lbs lost, 5 inches down in waist

In July of 2012, I was into my second year of competing in sprint triathlons and had completed the Gate River Run in March. During that time, I developed a shin splint in my left leg that would not heal, and eventually became a stress fracture.

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Jodi’s Success Story

When I decided to begin my journey towards becoming an Ironman, I knew I needed a coach. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I needed as an athlete and did research to find the coach that I believed would be my best fit.

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